Release: 2017
Zooicide is a casual team-based multiplayer game featuring animals fighting against humans within a playfully dangerous environment, the zoo.

Current Features

A zoo to explore, currently equipped with 4 different enclosures and more on the way!
8 different animals to play as, each with a different set of moves, with more to be added over time!
Online Multiplayer up to 8 players in a match.
Over 20 different items available to fight your way out, such as axes, RPGs and claymores!
Available for PC, OS X, and Linux/Steam OS.

There are currently two game modes of Zooicide.
The main mode features a team of animals fighting against a team of humans. The humans must face the dangerous, enraged animals with a collection of different items to be able to escape this nightmare.

The second mode, Animal Brawl, features a free-for-all death match of up to 8 different animals fighting against each other.
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