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Zardy's Maze

Release: 2021
Uh oh! There’s pesky weeds growing throughout your cornfield! The largest weeds you’ve ever seen. Better grab your trusty tools and give them a good whacking! Just make sure you keep track of where you’re going when you enter the field. It’s a bit of a maize out there!

Get it? Haha!

Wouldn’t want to see you get lost! Or worse…

[Warning! This game has jumpscares and other loud noises.]
Welcome to Zardy's Maze!
Zardy's Maze is a challenge horror game where you must enter a corn maze in the dead of night and cut down the giant plants that have started to grow there. Equipped with a flashlight and an axe, you must brave the unknown... And avoid what lurks in the darkness. Will you stay on the maze paths or will you run scared into the corn? Whatever you choose... You aren't going to be alone for very long.

Brave procedurally generated mazes for a fresh experience every run
Tackle 7 sinister challenges in the new Challenge Mode
Encounter 8 different adversaries to outwit and outmaneuver
Create your own custom challenges for endless punishment
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