You're Not Special

Release: 2019
You're Not Special is a (mostly) non-combat, choices-matter, puzzle-based RPG. There are great forces set to doom the small kingdom in which you live and only the chosen one can stop them. The problem is, you're not the chosen one.

- Choices that radically shape the outcome of the game leading to seven different game endings
- Unique and challenging puzzles coupled with new takes on classic puzzles
- An original score by Lighting Nights
- Exploration, rich dialogue, and choices-driven narrative
- A one-life mode for super hardcore peeps
- Non heavy-handed lore that is woven into the story, bits at a time

You are just a peasant. You were never born for greatness. And yet, for some reason fate has woven you into the company of The Chosen One. Will you help The Chosen One fulfill his destiny? Or will you keep quietly to yourself in town? The choices (and their lasting consequences) are yours to make!
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