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Yore VR

Release: 2016
It's not about escaping everyday life, it's about discovering a simpler one.
Starting in the forest, it’s up to you to decide where your journey will take you. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon forgotten ruins, take your pickaxe into a nearby cave, or find lost treasure in the hidden depths of a dungeon. At the end of the day, you might just want to lay down next to a lazy stream to listen to the sounds of birds overhead. Either way, the choice is yours.



We built a custom movement system from the ground up to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable means of getting around our virtual world.

Teleportation: Short range teleportation will get you from point A to B in a flash. This is a better option for anyone who experiences VR sickness.
Point and Click Walking: Teleportation will work for short distances but longer hauls will result in an RPG like movement system. Just aim off in the distance and the camera will pathfind your way to the destination so that you can take in the surroundings, or take aim at a target! The longer you move the more our “VR Sick-no-more” system kicks in to reduce motion sickness as much as possible!
Real Time D-Pad Movement: Flick and switch and one of the touch pads becomes a d-pad. Press up and you move forward, left and you strafe left. Recommended for VR veterans as it can be disorienting for new users, however combined with our “VR Sick-No-More” system we aim to reduce motion sickness as much as possible. This system is great for frantic combat as well as a more immersive sense of movement.

From wood to minerals, you will be able to collect and store your bounty.
Just like in real life, before you can start smelting you need to gather ore. You’ll find ore deposits on the ground, or in a cave. Check out the rocks that are shaped and colored in a specific way, or if you want to check out any rock with your pickaxe, see if you can smash it.

You’ll be fully immersed in the medieval mining experience whether its in a dank cave or outside harvesting stone or tin. The longer you play, the more you’ll learn more about which tools to use.

Start by picking up the axe and swing away. Hewing grand oaks and redwoods has never felt so good. You’ll notice once you start chopping that your efforts pay off. Don’t forget to make sure your cart is nearby so you can transport all of the fresh oak you’ve just lumbered.

To smelt or not to smelt... there is no question!
We thought a lot about how to accurately recreate the experience of smelting iron in a virtual setting. We consulted with medieval experts and tested a few techniques to recreate the experience as it would have been in the middle ages. It’s groundbreaking for the virtual world, as never before has anyone been able to pick up a crucible or pour molten rock into a mold.

The first two crafting systems we are implementing are:

Smelting: Refining ore is an art in itself. Our system combines a bloomery with techniques from a blast furnace to create a 2 step process from hammering the ore to pouring ingots.

Blacksmithing: Very few things in life are more satisfying than beating red hot iron into your very own blade. We aim to recreate that as closely as possible and create the very first VR blacksmithing experience.

Take aim without needing an arm guard
The medieval weapons in the game include bows, crossbows, bladed and bludgeoning weapons. Under the guidance of trusty experts, we developed the weapon mechanics to be as realistic as possible.

Our goal from the beginning has been to give you the most natural, realistic weapon loading and firing experience. When using the bludgeoning weapons, you’ll find there’s a friendly straw dummy awaiting your wrath.

Step 1: Lock the goats foot lever in place…
Learn the mechanics that go into loading a crossbow, such as using a goats foot lever on the Arbalest crossbow. You’ll notice the difference in the draw strength between a short recurved bow vs a long hunting bow.
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