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Release: 1995
Gird your loins, grow a spine, and prepare yourself for war! The worms are back, ready to kick some dirt, and itching to give you all the mayhem you can handle! In the full version, you can battle up to three other players on one of three random landscape themes or choose from a fine selection of single player battles, customise your army, choose from a selection of classic Worms™ weaponry: from the famed Bazooka to the devastating Banana Bomb, change the multitude of game settings, collect all of the 12 achievements, and write your name in the “Worms” hall of fame. Don’t delay, show some backbone, and buy “Worms” now — the invertebrate army wants YOU!

*Note: Screenshots taken from Worms for iOS

Key Features

All platforms

Authentic Worms™ gameplay.
Cartoon-style visuals and comical audio.
Endless fun with online play for up to four players.
Infinite randomly-generated landscapes mean that no two games are ever the same.
More destruction than ever with twenty-six weapons and utilities, including the Super Sheep, the Holy Hand Grenade, and that most powerful of exploding soft fruit, the Banana Bomb.
Three tutorials and twenty single-player challenges that increase in difficulty to challenge even the most determined Worms™ player.
A host of other features such as online leader-boards, worm customisation, and much, much more!

Honed iPhone control system.
50 challenges, with items to unlock.
6 environments, each one with random battlefields, no two games are the same!
Personalise your team with names, voices and gravestones.
Custom music support. Choose what music you want to listen to while you play, with in-game playlist browsing.
Auto-saves game state on exit.
Play against your friends with Bluetooth multiplayer! Up to four players can join the mayhem in what is possibly the best multiplayer fun you can have on iPhone!
Feel like showing off? No problem! Post your high scores and achievements to Twitter or Facebook from inside the game.
Think you’re a Worms™ expert? Take on a true test of your skill and face the mighty challenge of the all-new Body Count mode.
Watch your finest moments again and again with the return of action-replays.
For 3GS users, enjoy the improved visuals, with animated 3D backgrounds, superior water effects and other graphical enhancements.
And with Plus+ integration, you can create your own friends lists and write your name in the Worms™ hall of fame on a selection of online leader-boards.
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