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Wildlife Park Gold Remastered

Release: 2017
Establish, create and manage your own amazing zoo - and become a Zoo Tycoon!
Wildlife Park and Wild Creatures all in one - the remake of the epic Zoo Simulators.

Remastered Features:
- diverent fullscreen resolution support (HD/UHD)
- new UI - touchscreen-capable
- soft-zooming

Wildlife Park features:
- 45 detailed, seamlessly animated and simulated species ranging from mammals and reptiles to birds and marine animals
- Fascinating, challenging, and realistic animal behavior in areas such as reproduction, socialization, aging, birth, aggression, and "trainability"
- Animals can be trained with a huge variety of interaction devices such as trampolines, ropes, slides, trees, and video screens
- Aside from the 20 missions there are (potential) zoo locations around the world awaiting the player to master zoo management under these different preconditions.
- Choose a variety of terrains with different climates, environmental sounds, and music themes to start your park in. But be careful in your choices in climates and animals, as keeping a polar bear happy in the Sahara is an incredible challenge!
- No single goal to reach the finish of the game. The park has to be managed well to gain access to new areas, attractions, and more importantly, exotic animals
- No-limits landscaping at various heights, many plants, bridge constructions, ponds, rivers and waterfalls, and buildings
- 10 professions for your personnel to care for the animals and park: Feeder, Garbage, Zookeeper, Animal Catcher, Gardener, Scoutmaster, Vet, Worker, Animal Trainer, First-Aid
- Great athmosphere wirht realistic sounds and corresponding music themes.
- Building architecture style differs by climate
- Transparent walls give visitors a better view of marine animals, allowing you to build underwater observation rooms
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