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Release: 2017
is a single-player western real-time tactics game where you form your own gang to take on distinct missions in the bleak settlements of the wild west. You select up to a team of four to ride into each town to execute a series of objectives. Assemble the best crew of outlaws and direct them with devious tactics to attempt the most challenging of scenarios.

Recruit a band of outlaws and develop them into an elite gang.
Freeze time in tactics mode to analyze the situation and form a plan.
Flaunt mastery of line-of-sight and timing in a showcase of tactics.
Secure buildings to gain bonuses that ensure mission success.
Create your own solutions to 24 objective-based missions.
Challenge your previous bests to earn medals and experience.
Leverage the hard-earned talents of each gang member.
Engage non-scripted and responsive AI in combat and deception.
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