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Release: 2017
WARCUBE is all about the combat.
It’s viciously intense, subtly tactical, and geometrically satisfying. Inspired by games such as Shadow of Mordor, Assassins Creed and Mount & Blade. But with more... cubes.
You've returned home after being on holiday for 3,729 years.

Be transformed from a Human, into a Warcube.
Capture outposts and explore the world's secrets.
Find treasures lost in ages past, as well as things not so treasured...
Launch yourself from catapults, to go places you probably ought not to. This is a physics based game in Early Access after all...

While playing you may experience

Dynamic slow motion and speed ramping, similar to 300, but with cubes.
Highly realistic cube physics...very complex stuff.
A multitude of arrows being shot at you, as well as swords, axes and spears waved in your direction.
Extreme combo kills in slow motion to make you look your best.

Never has there been a game with this many cubes, that wasn't a Minecraft knockoff.
These cubes were made for battle, not building.
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