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WAR Pig - Big Bang

Release: 2017
Your mission is easy: Destroy the enemy! That is all - no more, no less.
It is your choice how you do it and with whatever means. However you should apply some tactics because every strike will be answered by the enemy. The counterattack may be the last one for your team, or at least some of them.
The lesson is clear: Always try to be a little more EVIL than your enemy!
Choose the most appealing among more than 30 different weapons. Beware of selecting the wrong ones, it may turn out fatal for your team. Fight your way through many exciting missions in the campaign or compete against each other with up to 6 teams, consisting of 6 pigs each in free play mode.
The size of the war pigs is adjustable, but always remember that size does not always matter. Health and time can even be traded off against each other! If you believe you are strong and fast, you could reduce the time available and get yourself a little more health instead. This may work, or not...
Select an appropriate name and a fitting color for your fighting team. Get a last bite from the trough and off you go to battle!
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