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Release: 2014

A recent rumor has it that a certain cave at the edge of the woods guards an unfathomable treasure. While a handful of intrepid adventurers have ventured into the cave already, none have returned. Undeterred by the potential danger, you set out by caravan to investigate...


Venture into the world of Vagante, an action-rpg adventure that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels.

Current Features

Experience a new world each time you play, with procedurally generated levels, monsters, and loot.
Hone your skills and master one of four classes, each with unique attributes and affinities.
Grab your gamepad and team up with up to three of your friends locally.
Unlock character backgrounds to customize the way you play the game.
Active Development

Vagante's still being made, so if you're looking for a finished game experience we recommend checking back later this year.
If you don't mind the unpolished nature of games still in development, then Vagante already offers many hours of enjoyable gameplay.
Players can also discuss ideas, balance, and bugs with us in the forums, and help shape the future of Vagante.
Our current update schedule is to release a new build every two weeks.
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