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Urban Empire

Release: 2017
Where other games pit you as the leader of a country, kingdom, or empire, Urban Empire places you in control of a single city. At the helm of a mayoral dynasty, you will guide the city's growth through 200 years of history and five distinct eras; each with its own technological and ideological upheavals that can completely change the course of your city's development. Plan districts, build infrastructure, and meet the needs of your people, all the while bribing, blackmailing, and otherwise scheming your way to power and then keeping your family where it belongs: Right at the top.
Features include unique challenges for each of the five major eras, four playable ruling families with four leaders each, high level district management, citizenry with needs and minds of their own, the ability to develop and introduce new technologies to better your cities and entrench your power, as well as over 800 random events showing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of urban life, from hippies, through suffragettes, to labor rights.
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