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Release: 2018
TV189 is a grand, open-world horror shooter with intense close quarter battles, and impressive open world exploration scenes, all with a very passionate and active development team.
The Russian Front Forces ( R.F.F ) have taken the world by disease. After engineering the powerful bio-weapon TV189 they manage to infect almost everyone, even some of themselves, hiding out in outposts in this dystopian world. TV189 is an emotional journey that takes you through the pre, due and post apocalypse.
You are Proffesor Stephen White, One of the very few people immune to the TV189 virus.

You might not realise it yet, but your biggest enemy may become yourself, You can fight through as many soldiers, mutants, hostiles and zombies but you may still not be able to fight through what is going on in your mind.

The RFF Forces control the world, before the outbreak you tried to stop them, you fought through the masses and regain control as you fight your way to the leader.

Meet civilians, goverment agencies, doctors, hostages and many more in your emotional journey towards the finale. But do not get too attatched, as your best friend can become your best enemy in an instant.
At trollbae studios, we believe that the play should be in control of their experience, and should feel like they are getting a good deal by purchasing our product. The game we have created comes packed full of features that most games would require DLC for.

- Immersive story with over 10 hours of active gameplay
- An absolutley incredible, hand crafted world to explore
- A range of unique level styles, from open world to intense close quarter combat
- An impressive arsenal of weaponry to slay your opponents with
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