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Tree of Life

Release: 2017
Make your own village, anytime, anywhere.
Thinking of building your own
village to show your workmanship?
Oh no, you feel like that all buildings on the
street are kind of grand castles?
If so, it’s time to play Tree of Life.
You can make your own village anytime, anywhere.
You can also be anyone.
You can be a lord who rules a huge grand territory,
or make a knight guild to protect the ToL world.
What about a village for wanderers? Whatever you want!

21 Class combinations
World best warrior in the realm, legendary master, 5 star chef…
You don’t really know which one fits you?
Well, have you ever thought why you can’t be a mighty
warrior and 5 star chef at the same time?
Like... a chef who catches a big brown bear with his bare hands.
As you want, you can be both of them N.O.W,
since there are 24 job classes in the world!
YAY~~~ You can make your own character as you like.

Be a friend, or be an enemy. That is the question
The real world is full of difficult choices.
Yes… but what if the Tol world is, too?
You can be a good friend with other players,
or just be a night watchman
to protect the new world order,
or offer a reward for criminals to bring the justice.
Depends on your choice. However just be careful.
Anyone could offer a reward for you!
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