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Release: 2015
Transformice is a multiplayer game, where you are a small mouse out to get a cheese and bring the cheese back to the hole.
The game includes a physics engine, so interactions between players are realistic.
Each round lasts 2 minutes max, and in order to help the 20 or so mice-players to get the cheese, a player will be chosen to be the powerful shaman and will be able to spawn different objects to guide the mice.

The shaman is the mouse who guides all the other mice to the cheese and then to the hole thanks to several objects he/she can spawn. Your nickname will always be yellow while the shaman’s name is blue. The shaman is also easily recognizable thanks to its tatoos and its feather.

The physics engine allows you to have fun with some BALLS and many several different actions/objects.
Interactions between players are realistic and in real time!

Bring some cheese back to the hole or save some mice while you are a shaman to unlock exclusive titles. Transformice can also be a competitive game, you’ll win some titles if you’re the first one to bring the cheese back and/or if you win some events/contests!

Each cheese you’ll bring back to hole will give you one cheese to spend in the shop! Use them wisely to buy some items or to create some maps.

Transformice is a platform game; so some maps have special characteristics like this one where everyone is a shaman! (Christmas special map.)
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