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Tower Unite

Release: 2016
Tower Unite is a living, evolving world, fueled by the community. Play online games with your friends or make new friends from around the world!

Tower Unite isn't just a single game, it contains large multiplayer games that you can enjoy with lots of players, each with its own gameplay and genre. Every bit of Tower Unite is full of online multiplayer fun.

CREATE Your Own Place
In Tower Unite everyone has their own personal space, which is called a Condo. This space is fully customizable, bottom to top. From the the furnishings to the wallpapers and flooring, you can tweak it however you like.

It's a space that defines you, and acts as the gathering point for you and your friends.

Watch YouTube™ videos, listen to music on Soundcloud, or just chat with your friends.

And if that's not enough, you can also cook, play musical instruments such as a piano, get a pet cat or dog, build unique creations, or play with weird and cool items!
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