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Tomb of Tyrants

Release: 2015
Claim and defend the titular Tomb against waves of greedy adventurers by matching tiles to construct a deadly dungeon, fill with terrible traps and merciless minions! In an unorthodox blend of Bejeweled and Dungeon Keeper, clearing tiles rewards you with resources and space for vertical expansion, putting distance and dangers between invading hero-types and your squishy Tyrant. Death isn't the end, as each Tyrant's reign unlocks new content, and their demise leaves behind a growing legacy for future Tyrants!


- A unique blend of tower-defense strategy, simulation, RPG, and puzzling!
- Slick, simple, and frenetic matching mechanics, where reflexes and planning are both rewarded!
- Lovingly pixeled characters, settings, and items!
- Quick sessions with long-term unlocks, gradually taking your game from newbie-friendly to deep and cerebral!
- Dozens of diverse floors, items, minions, heroes, and more, to discover and exploit--and much more to come!
- Tactically emergent gameplay, spawning new strategies and builds as your game evolves!
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