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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Release: 2016
For its 10 year anniversary, Titan Quest will shine in new splendour. This Anniversary Edition combines both Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne in one game, and has been given a massive overhaul for the ultimate ARPG experience.


- Restored and improved multiplayer functionality, including new features like a built-in voice chat and NAT resolving for best multiplayer connectivity
- Support for more resolutions, larger camera distance and scaleable UI size
Improved performance and general stability
- Support for modders through new modding options and a fully integrated Steam Workshop
- Complete balance rework with improvements to all Masteries, damage types, unique items and sets
- Countless bug fixes and other improvements, including ten years’ worth of community fixes
Increased challenges and rewards for larger parties and on higher difficulty levels
- Dozens of new heroes and bosses to encounter
Improved enemy and pet AI
- Quality of life features like higher stack limits, quick item pickup, a larger stash and a speed setting
- Reduced cheating with curbed exploits, removal of test items and mod comparison in multiplayer
- Steam Friend Invites
- Steam Achievements
- Steam Trading Cards
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