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Thy Sword

Release: 2017
Thy Sword is an action platformer (some rpg elements) with:

– Procedurally generated levels
– Sword and sorcery setting
– Fast paced combat
– Local co-op
– Local death match (at least for two players, maybe up to four)
– Chip music made with the legendary SID chip used in the Commodore 64
– Different weapons and equipment
– Multiple bosses

Thy Sword is a hack n’ slash platformer with procedural levels and roguelike elements.

You, bold adventurer, must break the tyranny of the Dark Overlord. Your quest will be to obtain the ancient crystals of power with which to overcome the Dark Overlord’s rule.

Can you be that hero? Can you fulfil the destiny of greatness and bring deliverance to these shadowed lands? The answer lies in your heart…and Thy Sword!

Inspired by true classics like: Barbarian, Moonstone, Golden Axe and Bubble Bobble!

Get ready for a heroic challenge!
Better yet, summon a friend for a truly epic co-op adventure,
…or a duel to the death. Whoever wins keeps his head.

You can listen to the title track below. This is the only music that is orchestral, all other music tracks are chip tunes brought to life by the legendary SID 8580.
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