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The SoulKeeper VR

Release: 2017
Welcome to Gerindak! A huge world, filled with a multitude of different cultures and civilizations, regions in different contents with different climates. Cities, towns and villages await you to explore them. Forgotten temples and cryptic dungeons to venture in and unearth hidden secrets as well as treasures.

Your journey's just getting started here!

How would you feel knowing you have the power to cast devastating spells with your bare hands? Or prehaps use a mighty staff's energy to obliterate your enemies? Then again maybe you prefer a straight confrontation through the feel of the steel!

Whatever your combat preference, rest assured you will find it and then some, all within the world of The SoulKeeper!

The world of the SoulKeeper® is offering a very large array of playable characters, all with unique stories tailored to their traits and abilities, while intertwining with each other to form a larger complex story.

As The SoulKeeper VR follows an episodic format, just in the first episode already you will be introduced to four different characters with different stories, different gameplay mechanics and in different locations and cultures.

In your first encounter with the world of The SoulKeeper, you will already face a variety of enemies. From gigantic trolls and dragons, to skilled swordmasters and cunning spellcasters, whether you fight a grunt or a boss, you will need to use an equal measure of skill and wits.
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