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The Repopulation

Release: 2014
he Repopulation is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in a science fiction setting. In many ways it is a throwback to the social aspects and sandbox driven gameplay that made titles like Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online successful. But it also integrates more recent innovations and introduces an array of its own unique wrinkles.
The driving force behind this game is choice to play the game in the way that you want to play it. The choice to play the game like an RPG or a first/third person shooter. To advance your character through combat or peaceful means. The freedom to craft and harvest without being forced into combat. To act as a hero or a villain. A thief, diplomat, home builder, tamer, crafter, or an entertainer. To participate in Player vs. Player combat or to avoid it altogether.
Unique three faction PvP system, where the third faction is allowed to set its alliances on a nation by nation basis.
Featuring both a Standard and a Hardcore rule set for PvP on separate servers. Standard rules include large protected regions where players can avoid PvP completely if they wish, and no player looting is allowed.
Build cities in the open world or besiege the cities of your enemies.
The city management system allows Mayors to micromanage a city’s resources and happiness levels.
Military advancement system which rewards players with special abilities, titles, and gear.
Set your alliances with other nations to one of five different levels ranging from Ally to Nemesis.
Create up to 99 ranks for your nation, each with their own customizable names and settings.
Engagements are similar to public quests which can mutate and spread throughout an area, changing its appearance or content.
How players respond to an engagement will affect how it progresses or spreads.
Engagements are intended to get players working together from the early stages of the game or encourage exploration.
There are both combat and non-combat oriented engagements.
Many engagements have long-term and far reaching effects.
Settlements can turn into dungeons and towns can be overrun. Allowing this to happen can seriously alter the content available in an area.
Player vs. Player engagements are similar to Open World battlegrounds.
Inquire with NPCs to find out which engagements are available in different areas throughout the world.
Auto-grouping options allow you to instantly group up with nearby participants, or disable it to play a more solo style.
An Advanced Generated Mission system allows us to create complex multi-stage missions which are tailored specifically for your character.
Missions can have branching outcomes based on a player’s actions and choices.
Generated missions are mailed to your character as job offers and are accessible from anywhere in the game using your in-game PDA system.
NPCs can speak about things that have happened to them. You can inquire of them to ask questions about many things, revealing hidden bits of knowledge or even special missions.
Your actions will be remembered by NPCs, and they may attempt to exploit your tendencies.
One Time Missions spawn in random locations throughout the wilderness to encourage exploration.
Players can filter which types of missions they wish to receive, so only those missions are generated for them.
Missions are not all combat oriented. There are crafting, harvesting, diplomatic, theft related, taming, and other non-combat variations available.
Completing missions in a group will generate bonus rewards and automatically split them among your group.
Skills based gameplay which features over 75 unique skills, and 12 tiers within each skill line.
Players are not forced into combat roles. Crafting, harvesting, diplomatic, trapping, taming, entertainment, and other non-combat oriented skills can operate and progress independently of combat.
Skills increase automatically through use. Abilities are earned and not given automatically.
Multiple hidden skills waiting to be unlocked by true achievers.
Skill Imprinting system allows you to imprint knowledge of skills into yourself, to make up for time spent doing other activities such as missions or engagements.
Advanced Crafting systems which allows players to create thousands of variations of items through a total of 24 different trade skills.
Three distinct harvesting methods: Harvester, Manual or Extracted. Harvesters allow you to place harvesters on nodes and then return to collect the resources later. Manual harvesting utilizes tools and requires player interaction with each node. Or you can extract resources such as hides, meat, tissue or DNA from corpses.
Over-harvested areas will run dry of resources and recover slowly, rewarding players for discovering more remote locations.
The crafting event system will require players to make decisions during the crafting process which will influence their result.
Each of the game’s recipes has its own mastery level which can be increased to produce higher quality items.
Extensive customization through the refinement process and fitting systems.
Access the Auction Network from anyplace in the world using your in-game PDA. Place work orders as well requesting a certain resource at a requested grade.
Two distinct modes of combat: Action Mode and RPG Mode. RPG Mode works like traditional RPG combat. Action Mode allows players to control the game in ways similar to a First Person Shooter. You can toggle between these modes at any time.
Several twists to make combat more interesting including Momentum, Limb Targeting, Species Mastery, Energy Shields, Cover, and Postures.
Generated special abilities system for bosses will force groups or raids to adjust on the fly when fighting bosses, rather than simply looking up spoiler information on the internet.
Encourages grouping with a slew of social features such as skill gain bonuses and treasure bonuses while grouped. Along with those bonuses, combat abilities make use of openings created by other player’s abilities allowing for players to exploit those openings.
Jump into combat in a vehicle, mech, or manned turret.
Dive, roll and attack on the move.
Customize your playing style with the fitting system. Weapons and armor come in cosmetic shells with the same stats and can be further modified via fittings that are placed in the shells like a socket or augmentation
Entertain others through music, dance, or storytelling.
Utilize your diplomacy or intimidation skills and inquiries to manipulate NPCs, revealing hidden opportunities.
Survival skills include trapping, tracking, and the ability to set up camps or scrounge for materials.
Rogue skills including thievery, stealth, hacking, and acrobatics.
Tame animals when they are young, then have them slowly grow into fully matured pets if they receive proper care and feeding.
Genetically engineer species and hybrids by splicing DNA and Tissue from different species.
Customize your vehicles and robotic pets.
Build your home or player city and showcase it to other players.
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