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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Release: 2016
Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities!

Game features
20 classes of ships
unlimited fleet size
control several ships in combat
bombard enemy fortresses with heavy mortars.
5 types of ammo - cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot
special weapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, battering rams, pre-boarding attacks
30 ship upgrades
character development, rising experience levels
20 captain skills - unlocking new game features and possibilities
realistic sailing simulation, incorporating distance and time
hundreds of islands and dozens of ports to visit and explore
day/night cycle
building construction and upgrades
multiple player held bases
unlimited number of sea battles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglers missions, convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escort missions)
story-driven campaign set in a living world full of people.
historical module, with more than 50 years of real history and real events
reputation in a dozen nations
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