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The Parallax Effect

Release: 2018
Years following a devastating chemical attack, now termed as The Parallax Effect, has left the remnants of Chimera in abandoned ruins. You'll need to find a way to stay alive and rebuild your own world...
Survive against hostile predators such as wild wolves, foxes and bears
Utilise weaponry you've either found or built
Learn new skills to help you stay alive longer
Play the stealth game or go loud and wild with plenty of ammunition
Build bases, storage and other various devices to assist your survival

There's still plenty of tasks to do in Chimera, even after The Parallax Effect...
Source clean drinking fluids and food
Search buildings and other unique locations for various supplies
Obtain a light source for conducting night exploration
Forage crops that have already grown
Plant your own crops and ensure they're well hydrated

The Parallax Organisation conducted several illegal experiments upon survivors of the plague in the hopes to develop a cure, unfortunately several of them failed and instead spawned hellish mutants with superhuman abilities...
Keep a keen eye out for wild life which might behave hostile towards you
Fight off enemy hunters who roam Chimera trying to score loot for themselves
Befriend or betray fellow players who are surviving just like you
Watch out for rogue experiments tracking you down after dark
Keep starvation and dehydration at bay
Maintain your immunity to the plague with medicines or risk infection

A small group of survivors have banded together to form The Red Shield rebellion which acts as a shelter for any humans out there wishing to join the rehabilitation efforts of Chimera and supports the banishment of The Parallax Organisation...
Locate The Red Shield encampment and introduce yourself
Get to know the NPC's who've joined the rebellion
Trade goods for cash or other valuables
Complete tasks of varying difficulty to gain respect and rank up in The Red Shield
Help reconstruct the remnants of society

There was a strong military presence all over Chimera before the plague hit. Several intact vehicles and military installations still exist which are ripe for looting...
Search for military installations which are still intact and score some valuable gear
Locate land vehicles including ATV's, Humvee's and APC's
Locate air vehicles including helicopters and planes
Locate sea vehicles including boats and rafts

Construction materials are everywhere, from wood to stone to metal. You can build a fortress to suit your needs and stow away your valuables safe from prying eyes...
Use various tools to obtain wood, stone and metals to construct objects
Build intricate bases and places to stash your items
Layout traps for anything trying to sneak in
Operate generators to provide electricity and use electronic devices you've built
Board yourself inside existing buildings as a makeshift hideout
Build light sources to keep things going after dark
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