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The Coma: Cutting Class

Release: 2015
The Coma: Cutting Class is the debut title from Korean independent game developer, Devespresso Games. It was remastered 1 year after, as known as The Coma: Recut, and the original title is redeemed with the game on mobile platforms.

Touch-based control is available with a new GUI, and the game becomes much lighter than the previous version to be adjusted onto your phone. You can explore the school of horror everywhere.


2D hand-illustrated visuals.

A unique infusion of Korean horror in the survival-adventure genre.

Listen carefully to footsteps revealing the killer's approach.

Run and hide from the world's most relentless psycho.

Avoid poisonous tentacles and clawing shadows as you explore.

Discover notes and clues that illuminate the mystery of Sehwa High.

Work together with the others who are trapped here. But can they be trusted?

Crouch in the shadows during intense moments to escape the killer.

Reveal the startling mystery of Sehwa High and the intricate web of deceit surrounding its staff.

Tough-based gameplay, lighter size, and new GUI for Mobile screen.
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