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Survive On Mars

Release: 2017
Survive on Mars is a first person survival game for Microsoft Windows.

Surviving in the harsh conditions of the Red Planet will be hard, but if you are strong enough, you will succeed.

Find the best way to survive, but be careful, since each wrong step will ensure your demise.
The environment is your main enemy. Radiation, low temperatures, and the oxygen-free atmosphere will certainly kill you.
The meteorites also pose a threat and may even destroy your base and kill you. There is a chance to see a “burning” meteorite at each 30-50 minutes. When they explode, the parts are scattered over a fairly large radius.

The modular system will let you create structures by your heart’s desires.

– Craft 3D parts by using a specialized printer and start working immediately on your new headquarters.
– WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) is used to transfer power without cables, from solar panels to power bank/s, and then to the base.
– If you want to see what’s happening outside at night time, you can craft a wireless camera and mount it on the base.
– You will also need a light source to see. For this, you can craft a “Flood Light”.
– Because on Mars is so cold, you need to install a heater in your base. Otherwise, you will die.
– OS (Oxygen Supplier) will extract CO2 from the atmosphere and will transform it into O2. Without this in your base, you will use the oxygen from your suit.

The abandoned rovers found imbedded in the Mars soil will give you parts to build, retrofit or reverse engineer by case, an entirely new rover. You also can create it with 3D printed parts or you can combine the remaining spare parts for subsequent projects.

Your temporary home will be a spacecraft. You’ll be provided with a few items to survive until you will set up a farm, a base and other things that will help you to survive.
You can create water in 2 ways:
By ‘boiling’ the soil, and by burning hydrogen and oxygen.
You can grow different plants in your base: Arabidopsis, mizuna lettuce, super dwarf wheat, apogey wheat, Brassica rapa, rice, tulips, Kalanchoe, flax, onions, peas, radishes, lettuce, wheat, garlic, cucumbers, parsley, dill, lettuce and cinnamon basil.
If the plants are outside, they will die. But even if they are inside and your base doesn’t contain oxygen, they will also die.

You can mine in different ways, but the simple way would to create a drilling machine and to place it where you want to drill. After it will finish its intended task, you can get the ‘drilled ore’ and melt it to extract the metals. Rocks will also give you resources.
You will find 4 types of rocks:
Rocks that contain aluminum;
Rocks that contain iron;
Rocks that contain silver;
Rocks that contain copper;

You may use portable power banks to store energy from solar panels. If you want to use a PPB (Portable Power Bank) in a rover/vehicle, you can do that to charge it and use it on a vehicle/rover.

You can sell goods (metals and other things) from Mars to Earth by using a small spacecraft. You will receive some coins and you can use them to trade for something from Earth in return.
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