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Super Seeker

Release: 2018
Super Seeker! is a “hide & seek” multiplayer game, where one team can disguise itself as environment “props” while the other team tries to unmask them and shoot them down before the time runs out.

You are one of the luckily selected first testers of the newest piece of cutting-edge technology, the “C-K3R”, One of the most advanced and adaptable systems of personal defence of the Century.

This technology provides a wide catalog of arsenal at your disposal to finish any possible threat and a new Selective Dynamic Camouflage System that allows the C-K3R to change the visual form of its user, transforming it into any object that is around it for a limited amount of time.
Turning it into an admirable and multipurpose weapon for any possible situation on the battlefield.
Enter the test arenas, try the C-K3R features, hunt the Hiders or hide from the Hunters, and take your team to the Victory!

For Every time that you participate in of the Test Matches, you receive a Monetary Compensation (Seeker Points). You could use this points to get lots of different Costumes, Hats, Helmets and C-K3Rs for you.
Remember! Just because your hunting down your friends or running away from a dozen furtive hunters, doesn’t mean you don’t have to look Fabulous ⋆

- P2P Online Game Multiplayer (Not Server Need it)
- Online Multiplayer; Up to 16 Players Matches
- Play as a Hunter or a Hider in diverse and fun maps
- Play on public matches with other experienced Player, or open up your own private macth and play with your friends only
- Dozens of costumizable options for your Characters
- DeathMatch! In the Last Minute of every Match, Hiders will be able to attack the Hunters instead of Hiding
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