Release: 2018
Build spaceships with your friends, and engage in intense combat inside and outside of your ship! An intuitive ship-building tool allows you to create small starfighters or large capital ships and space-stations. Customize pre-built ships or create your own from scratch with collectible materials and interactive objects, then explore your friends' ships... or destroy them!

Ship and Space-Station Building
Design your ship with an array of objects and materials, or customize a pre-built design.
Ship Combat
Place weapons on your ship to unleash a barrage of lasers and other attacks!
Player Combat
Battle players inside and outside of your creations.
Player Controlled and Auto-Pilot Flight
Roam your ship while another player navigates, or set it to auto-pilot and watch the stars drift past!
Land smaller ships inside larger ones and bring your fleet of fighters with you.
Sneak onto an enemy's ship by teleporting.
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