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Release: 2016
Spellweaver is a fast-paced and strategically deep digital card game, featuring several mechanics unique to the genre. Created by an indie team of seasoned game developers, and designed by a Magic: the Gathering National Champion, it is easy to learn, yet challenging for veteran card game players.

Specific Features
Customizable hero skills gained over the course of the battle
Interactive combat system in which you can counterattack to defend or protect key units.
Unique creature attribute: Speed. Slower units are unable to block faster units, requiring a balanced deck to have ways to handle high speed opponents.

Main Features
Multiplayer duels, tournaments and leaderboards
Deep mechanics and fast-paced battles at the same time
Beautiful, high-quality artwork
Rich fantasy lore and cards of six magical aspects, each with its own play style
Regular updates with card expansions and new features
Well-balanced Free-to-Play economy, letting all players compete on an equal basis
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