Release: 2018
“You are about to be part of the SpaceWalker team. Let’s explore the multiple dimensions yet to be known, obtain the knowledge and power of the cosmos and save the universe!”

The universe is beautiful yet mysterious, containing abundant knowledge to explore.
SpaceWalker is dedicated to creating the best experience of discovery for space lovers, allowing them to immerse in the beauty of the universe while unveiling the mystery.

In Early Access, Solar System Explorer, you will steer a spacecraft to visit planets in the solar system. On each planet, you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish missions.

Steer your spacecraft to witness the hyper-realistic scenery of the solar system
Experience the celestial bodies orbiting around the sun in full angle
Empower yourselves with the knowledge you learn on each planet
Jump through the wormhole and become the superhero of the space
Collect “Lost Teddy Bears” to complete challenges to protect the universe
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