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Space Quiz

Release: 2017
Command your ships through the galaxy and lead the conquest of planets using your knowledge and cunning. An educative app that makes you learn something with a lot of fun.
Space Quiz is an spectacular quiz game that challenges your dexterity and your knowledge about topics like history, mathematics, literature and many more.
Conquer the galaxy with your knowledge, and think hard how to manage your ships. The educative game challenges you to an endless possible situations where you have to decide how to recollect resources or attack the enemy. Don't make any bad choice, protect your planets and decide what ships do you want to send to battle, the game won't let you feel safe!
These are the resources you need to dominate the universe: fuel, energy and minerals . With them you can do almost everything: recollect, buy, exchange... Plan yourself!
Besides, Space Quiz proposes you a lot of achievements that others players will be able to see that on your profile. Prepare your army!
We reward you if you help us with the user generated content network: interact, add, review or translate questions and invite your friends to play. Prove that you are the best and challenge with your knowledges on our community.
Play Space Quiz and conquer the universe! We guarantee you many entertaining and fun hours.
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