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Sol Trader

Release: 2016
A solo indie title from Chris Parsons, Sol Trader is a genre-busting space simualation where it's not about what you know - it's who you know. The game mixes classic top down 2D spaceflight with in-depth strategic manipulation of your network of contacts. You fly from planet to planet in our solar system in the near future, interacting with the various characters you find in cities and in space.

Each new game contains a 200 year old procedural society. Thousands of random characters are born, live and die as the game is generated. You start from your character's birth, choosing your parents and all your major life choices as you grow up. Your choices determine your personality, your friends, relatives, business contacts and and enemies.

You'll then be able to create your own legend within this world: explore the known (and unknown) solar system, trade goods, customise your ship, form lasting friendships, run missions, blackmail enemies, dodge pirates and navy ships, and avenge the deaths of members of your family as you see fit.
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