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Skirmish Line

Release: 2017
Skirmish Line is a unique tower defense type set in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. Inspired by the classic flash game, Mud and Blood 2, Skirmish Line aims to provide players with a similar but new experience.


Available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Experience the War in the Pacific as a tactical commander.

Featuring gritty, hand-drawn art from Clark Bint Illustrations!

Soldiers react, from picking their own targets or even fleeing from the battlefield!

Build and arm your squad from a large selection of soldiers and weapons.

Train your squad across a persistent campaign, turning your green recruits into hardened veterans.

Request artillery and aerial strikes to wreck havoc on the enemy!

Construct a variety of field defenses, from trenches to minefields.

Earn ribbons and medals for accomplishing extraordinary feats, providing bonuses for future missions.

Fend off as many waves of Imperial Japanese attackers as you can in Arcade Mode.
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