Shmups Skill Test

Release: 2016
Some say you’re only as old as you feel. Shmups Skill Test says you’re only as old as you shoot! Shmups Skill Test is a clever way to evaluate your shmup skills in the form of a "gamer age". Challenge and unlock shoot-’em-up-based minigames in a gauntlet of shmup nostalgia goodness. When it’s over, you’ll be given a score and gamer age. The younger your gamer age, the better! Bring up to three friends along for the ride and feel young (or old) again together.


- Keep on your toes with quick-hitting skill challenges
- Practice individual challenges or go for the randomized test
- Receive a strict score and “gamer age” based on shooting, dodging, judgement ability and more
- 1-4 local player support
- Replay support
- Rockin’ soundtrack sometimes bordering on the bizarre
- Includes Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, and Cloud saves
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