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Selma and the Wisp

Release: 2016
Imagine you were alone and afraid.

Imagine you were lost with no one to help.

Imagine you were a child facing its worst nightmare.

In utter darkness even the dimmest trickle of light means hope.

“Selma and the wisp” is an astonishing platform game with a particularly eerie feel to it. Densely packed with logical puzzles and unexpected obstacles, the game incorporates innovative gameplay, low-poly models and an spectacular animations.
Created by a group of passionate Polish developers led by a visionary artist, “Selma and the wisp” stands proudly along such productions as “badland” or “limbo”. Still, it offers unique features, such as two characters co-dependent control system, addictive action and thrilling plot.

Follow the wisp. Collect the lights. Don’t look back.
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