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Release: 2015
Seeders is 2D puzzle platformer with tight and responsive controls and challenging and innovative puzzles. The game focuses more on puzzles and less on platforming. Although there are some levels with fast action, it's generally less like Super Mario and more like Braid or Limbo. Finding your lost friend and saving the skateboard park from demolition only scratches the surface of the wonderful adventure that lies ahead.


After playing throught Braid, Limbo, Fez, VVVVVV and a couple other games in the genre I wanted more. I found some games on the market, but either the puzzles were too simple or the games were too short. So I decided to build one myself - a kind of game I would like to play. If you like a challenge and real puzzles, this game is for you. In level design I made sure that all the elements needed to solve the puzzles are right inside the game, just like Braid for example. There are no requirements for external knowledge like there was in Fez puzzles.


old school gameplay with innovative puzzles
single player mode with an interesting story
co-op mode with additional puzzles specially made for two players
clean pixel graphics
full controller support
support for older graphics cards and computers
original soundtrack
100+ unique puzzles
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