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Santa's Workshop

Release: 2017
Sit back and relax with this wonderful puzzle game. Help Santa at his workshop to wrap the gifts he’ll soon be delivering to children around the world.

Push teddy bears, toy cars and more into the dedicated areas but plan your moves as you can only push them. If you make a mistake then don't worry you can undo your moves so you don't need to start over. Use holiday magic to help solves the puzzles if you really get stuck, you’ll be kicking yourself when you see how it’s done.

The workshop foreman is on hand to show you the ropes in a short tutorial so you’ll be well prepared to tackle the more than 120 puzzles that await.

This game is sure to delight so throw another log on the fire, grab a glass of eggnog and most of all have fun.


-Charming puzzle game play.
-Fun for all the family.
-Undo and auto-solve feature.
-128 puzzles of varying difficulty.
-Magical holiday graphics and sound.
-Touchscreen friendly.
-14 Achievements.
-Widescreen 4K support.
-Designed specifically for PC and MAC.
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