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Run Jump Fail

Release: 2018
You wanna run? You wanna jump? You're gonna fail. Again. And Again. But its fun to fail...right? Take control of HappyMan and hop skip and jump your way past low walls, big balls and spinning red things! A bunch of obstacles await, so get to it.

Run Jump Fail puts you in control of the hapless HappyMan, and tasks you with guiding him through a whole load of treacherous obstacle courses. You'll fail a lot along the way, but watching HappyMan collapse and flail when he's just run into a wall, or tripped on a ledge, or been hit by a big red spinning thing is a lot of fun.

Seriously, failing is 90% of the fun. So fail away.

The game is a 3D platformer that's dead simple to pick up and play in short bursts, so if you need a break from grinding away at the latest 50 hour epic RPG and fancy a spot of fun filled action, look no further.

Obligatory feature list:

Unique physics based 3D platforming action.
50+ obstacle courses, and more on the way.
Sandbox playgrounds.
HappyMan! (he's just the best)
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