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Qurare: Magic Library

Release: 2014
Qurare: Magic Library is a next-generation card battle RPG with impressive visual graphics and an all-new battle system. It is the first game to feature multiplayer raids on the mobile platform and brings fresh perspective into the Card RPG genre. With many more exciting contents and features still to be released...

Key Point
1. Real-time Co-op Gameplay
Qurare: Magic Library is the first to bring real-time co-op gameplay to the mobile platform. It features over 200 strategic skills and strategic co-op gameplay depending on the assigned role.

2. Beautifully Illustrated Cards
Featuring more than 500 illustrated cards created by professional illustrators from all over Korea, all cards have the ability to transform into 3 different types.

3. Amazing Soundtrack
Players will be accompanied by 20 breathtaking soundtracks from popular composes throughout every map and campaign.

4. Epic Storyline with Unique Characters
Qurare: Magic Library is more than a simple collectible card game. Players can experience the highly detailed visual graphics and meticulously written storyline.
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