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Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas

Release: 2017
Play 20 different puzzles!
Pirate ships full of players, each playing unique duty games, clash on the high seas for plunder!
Every activity in Puzzle Pirates is a uniquely fun puzzle! Carpenters repairing battle damage, bilge rats pumping out the bilge, sailors catching a salty wind, gunners washing and loading the cannons, the navigator setting a course that's true... every duty from sailing to leading an armada relies on yer own puzzling skills!

Whether yer goin' solo or with a crew of mateys, Puzzles Pirates is the place to show your true piratey skills!

Thousands of Pirates online!
Ready for sea battles, Ocean blockades, and cannon fire across yer bow?
Download Puzzle Pirates and get set for swashbuckling action as you pillage yer way to glory across the briny deep! There's a duty and a puzzle for everyone, from the casual to the elite, sailing the seas in a crew of your friends!

Create and customize a pirate, collect booty and join player-run crews! Everything is built on yer own personality and puzzling skills. From yer ship to yer sword, yer throne to yer knickers, everything is made in player-run shoppes. And in the close-knit merchant community, it was likely yer own matey who crafted it with his own puzzling labor!
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