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Puzzle Masters

Release: 2018
This addictive game is made for great brain training and offers hours of retro games fun for fans of hard puzzle games and mind games alike!

Brain games got you feeling like a King? Play puzzles with your family for educational value, or compare puzzle Achievements with other mind puzzle fans around the world! As our Spanish gamers said - “Disfruta de los mejores bloques de rompecabezas!”

Puzzle Masters – is ultimate puzzle game!


- 6 in 1 games collection. 2 games available on start. All games are FREE. Quadris and Pentas already open for You.
- Tasks. Complete tasks to collect gold and XP. Achieve new XP levels and make new puzzles and features available.
- Features. Buy games features to ease game tasks.
- Achievements. Complete achievements to earn crystals.
- Task packs. Buy tasks packs for more tasks.
- Puzzle Leaderboards. Be the world's best highscorer.
- Free play mode.
- This free puzzle game offers endless value as you keep coming back to perfect your strategy.
- Brain teasers will push you to think outside the box to find the solution.
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