Progress Bar Simulator

Release: 2019
So, you don’t care about a lot of text? I’m fine with that.Press buttons on your keyboard to make the Progress Bars go up and down.

Progress, the final frontier. Since everything progresses, but not as fast or slow as YOU want it to, you can take full control of progress in this game.Made with (mostly) historically correct Progress Bars from the history of computers.
A truly passionate approach on the most significant achievements of the modern age: THE PROGRESS BAR, finally becomes a game.

Gameplay Singleplayer
Use any key on your keyboard (or mouse) that you might associate with “right/up” for progression and the “left/down” direction for regress.
Modern computers are often way too fast to fully enjoy the beauty of Progres Bars. You can finally watch as many Progres Bars as you want, in their pace. Slow and smooth.

In case your modern life is NOT fast enough, why not try speed-running and Improving every playthrough?

Gameplay Multiplayer
Can you beat your friends? ALL of them? AT THE SAME TIME?
Go against your friends and challenge them in a game of keyboard destruction to find out who can press faster space or backspace.
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