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Release: 2017
It is your 147th day onboard the research station Plexarium and you are conducting an exciting new experiment to study how spiders live in microgravity.

Unfortunately, your crewmates were up late last night partying and one of them tipped over a jar of gooey green Zorlithium that spilled into the spider cage. The spiders have started tripping out and some of the crewmembers have gone missing.

Your only chance to survive is to find and collect fuel cells so that you can power up the transporter and beam back home.

Ranking System
You can play ranked solo matches and have your name on the leaderboard, or play a practice round to become more familiar with the game. Advance to the next level by capturing fuel cells.

Time trial game mode ranks players by how quickly they can solve ten mazes. Endurance game mode ranks players by how many mazes they can solve using only three lives.

Full Multiplayer Support
Play with friends in 1vs1, 2vs2, or 3vs3 matches. The first team to capture ten fuel cells wins.
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