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Planet R-12

Release: 2016
Planet R-12 is a 2D tactical action-platformer. The action takes place on a planet of robots, populated by hostile mechanisms and combat vehicles.
The game can tactically manage a team of three soldiers giving orders on the movement and using their skills or to participate directly in battle by choosing any soldier leading the other fighters.
Each fighter is unique, with their own characteristics, weapons and skills. Competent use of skills will help decide the tide of battle in an unequal struggle with the enemy.
In addition to the skills of the fighters there are still 3 commander's skill, they are quite powerful but not changed.

In tactical mode controls - mouse only

In control mode, a soldier:
Shift - run
LMB - shooting
RMB - use special skill
Space - jump

1,2,3 - selection of a soldier
tab - will return to the tactical management.

Main skills:
q - electroshock vs robots
e - energy shield
f - UAV challenge
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