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Pirate Defense

Release: 2016
On the verge of being over run, the townspeople of Bridgewater have turned to you to save their tiny coastal village. A seemingly endless onslaught of pirates have heard of the fabled treasure your city’s castle holds and are eager to lay their thieving hands on it. Unfortunately not everyone in the town is so keen on helping you out, and the request for resources you have made for their protection has fallen on deaf ears. Luckily, the King has declared that the town will reward you with precious resources for every pirate you lay waste to on the high seas.
Will you answer the call to arms and defend the town with all your might, or will the treacherous seas infested with pirates prove to be your undoing?
Pirate Defense eschews the traditional tower defense model by letting you get as close as to the action as you dare. Each map features multiple branching pathways which are designed to reward players who make strategic choices in their tower placement and choice.
We want your feedback to help guide the games content updates and will do our best to make sure Pirate Defense remains in the list of your top played games. Our game development philosophy is to listen to our fans so expect rapid updates to address any issues or concerns you may have.
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