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Perfect Universe - Play with Gravity

Release: 2016
Compete against friends in 6 sporting events set in gravity defying arenas. The unique art style, surreal levels and eclectic music blend harmoniously to create an experience unlike any other.

Played solo, Perfect Universe is a chilled-out and relaxing experience. Played with up to 4 people, it will have you at the edge of your seat, as your skill is tested to the limit.

Perfect Moon: Classic platforming in a non-classical universe.
Moon Life: Control the feet of an alien creature directly in this QWOP-like.
Star Light: Fly your rocket ship through the galaxy in this Thrust-like.
Moon Golf: An interplanetary game of golf.
Gravity Dodge: A 4-player game of alternative gravity dodgeball.
Balloon Pop: Scramble to pop more balloons than your opponents.
Rocket Ball: Play football, with rockets!
Moon Volley: A game of volleyball around a little planet.
Space Race: Race rockets against friends.
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