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Release: 2017
You Feel A Pressing Chill…

Eyes opening to the sharp prick of frigid water, your attention is rapidly drawn to the suffocating structure in your throat.

A soothing voice from an infinite distance begs your calm as you frantically thrash in your icy cocoon; oblivious to its purpose. Deafening turbulence surrounds you, emptying the chamber and leaving you suddenly painfully aware of the crushing gravity. A chime tones and you spill out into the world with nothing but a strong sense of deja vu.


Trapped and alone in the place she once guarded, Eden's sentient AI Pamela can do nothing but watch. Watch as the meticulously built reality that she raised is torn asunder by the misguided remnants of her people.

United in suffering, Pamela will aid and guide the player until the moment of their untimely death...


As their bones shift and their skin cracks, the afflicted denizens of Eden know only pain. The shadows afford them the slightest solace, cloaking themselves from witnessing the sight of their ever shifting form.

Even the strongest minds cannot endure forever, and nothing can halt the affliction. For all who contract it there is only one fate, to become their own living tombstone in the ever intensifying silence of Eden.

Horror at any time of day

Days are never long enough, and night is perilous. Manage Eden's power to keep the lights on, and control your environment.
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