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Ortus Regni

Release: 2016
Ortus Regni is a unique closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game. Players take the role of great Earls vying to control what will become England. Ortus Regni was inspired not only by Anglo-Saxon history, but also by the art of illuminated medieval manuscripts.
Ortus Regni has been designed for the card gamer seeking a novel and elegant strategy game that will remain fresh and challenging over many plays. We have dubbed this model a “repertory card game,” because with each new game, using the same selection of iconic cards, players can try out a variety of different but related strategies. Each game will unfold in a different way and is highly dependent on the careful choices that a player makes before and during the game.
Ortus Regni is perhaps a little more challenging to learn than games of a similar nature. Once you understand its basic mechanisms and learn its set of 15 Earl cards it is actually quite fast-paced. We believe you will be rewarded for the effort.
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