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Release: 2013
Nihilumbra is played as a standard platform game, by controlling Born as he walks and jumps across the game's levels. There are multiple enemies that the player needs to avoid since, at first, there is no way to defeat them. The game is divided into the five worlds that Born explores. In each of them, the player is granted a new colour, with which the player can paint on the terrain (by touching the screen) to modify the behaviour of the environment.
In the Frozen Cliffs Born receives the blue colour, that makes surfaces slippery.
In the Living Forest the green colour is obtained, from which objects bounce off.
In the Ash Desert the brown colour is obtained, whose ability is to make surfaces sticky and slower to walk on.
In the Volcano, the player is given red, that can make objects and monsters burn.
In The City, Born receives yellow, the last colour in the game, that is able to conduct electricity to a variety of devices.

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