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Release: 2017
You are an elite pilot with… some issues. You are dangerous, you have explosive personality. Some says that you are just crazy. They can be right, you were disciplinary suspended after all. However, they also know that you are the best. After suspension, the only thing left for you is a beer. Your favorite one. A pretty damn good one.

Several days ago, aliens attacked earth. They stated, that our planet will be destroyed and turned into fuel for their future voyages.

But you are not a stupid guy. You know that destroying earth means no more beer for you. And you cannot let that happen. It is time for war.
Hop into the time machine and visit the world of Nighthaw-X3000. Here, spaceships are still full of neons and electronic music doesn't mean dubstep!

Your mission is clear - shoot everything on sight. It's either you or them. You are the only one who have enough balls to stand up and fight. Don't hold back.

Enjoy Nighthaw-X3000 - frantic, vertical shoot'em up, that is a side effect of too much love for classic action movies from the 80's.
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