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Next Day: Survival

Release: 2017
Next Day: Survival is a multiplayer SURVIVAL game with RPG elements, which takes place in a fictional post-Soviet state, most of whose territory is contaminated by toxic fog. The main task of the player is to survive while improving their character using skills, interaction with the outside world, other players, and non-player characters (NPC). As the game progresses, the character earns a reputation, thanks to which he/she has the option to join various factions of survivors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


Several additional game modes - Single, PVE, Last Survivor
Big Open World
Interaction and gunfire exchange with NPCs
Faction system and character reputation
Skill system
Diverse transport
Story and quests related to factions
Large selection of melee weapons and firearms
Crafting, interaction with the environment, and obtaining necessary resources
Elaborate health management system of the character
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