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Necropolis: Brutal Edition

Release: 2016

NECROPOLIS: BRUTAL EDITION (Just branded as "NECROPOLIS" on Consoles) is the definitive NECROPOLIS experience - featuring a new playable adventurer (The Brute), a completely new outdoor environment (The Black Forest), and lots of new enemies, weapons, armor, traps, potions, scrolls, and other big improvements to the game.

NECROPOLIS is available on Steam for PC and Mac, as well as on PS4 and XBOX One in partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
NECROPOLIS combines third-person action with Rogue-lite dungeon-delving for a game that’s fast-paced and addictive, yet diabolically hardcore. Adventure alone, or with up to 3 friends in a magical deathtrap that reconstructs itself each time you play. Craft, equip, explore, and fight to stay alive as you delve deeper and face ever-greater threats in the twisting halls and endless chasms of the NECROPOLIS. Have no doubt, you’re going to die - often! - but you’ll improve your combat skills, available upgrades, and dungeon know-how with every playthrough, bringing you one step closer to the exit. (Warning: "Just one more time" mindset can be addicting.)


DEATH IS PERMANENT. Game Over? Jump right back in with a new adventurer and try again!
DEATH IS DIFFERENT EVERY TIME. A new procedurally-generated dungeon with every death.
DEATH IS BETTER WITH FRIENDS. Drop-in / drop-out co-op multiplayer for up to 4 players!
DEATH IS MONSTROUS. Gemeaters, Changelings, Hoardmen, and more - they exist to kill you.
DEATH IS NOT WITHOUT PERKS. Each new dungeon is littered with powerful weapons, armor, and upgrades to wield against your foes. (And there’s crafting, too!)
DEATH IS UNAVOIDABLE. But don’t worry, this NEXT playthrough is totally the one. We’ve got a good feeling about it.
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